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About American Bracket

Your Equipment - Unlimited Attachment Opportunities

American Bracket is a veteran founded, small town and business owned and operated by KCH
Fabrication & Design, LLC in Goldthwaite Texas. Founder, inventor and metal fabricator, Sam Bell,
has fabricated many quick attach brackets on the market to many different tractors to make them
fit, which is a timely, costly, and permanent for a tractor owner. Knowing there hast to be a better
option for the farmer and ranchers around Mills County, he sat down one night with a pencil and
paper and the Omni Bracket was born.

American Bracket has designed and created a solution to allow a tractor owner to purchase a
main bracket body and then choose from a set of universal mounting plates, depending on if the
front-end loader has the traditional pin-on style or John Deere global arm style: OmniBracket.
Our solution will allow the tractor owner to re-install our bracket on virtually any tractor they
purchase throughout their lifetime that needs a quick-attach option. This solves the problem
because the OmniBracket isn’t intended to be a permanent addition to a front-end loader but is
designed to be reused on many different front-end loaders as needed.

American Bracket is owned and operated by KCH Fabrication and Design, LLC. We are a manufacturer/wholesaler. Our current development/research/production shop is located in Goldthwaite, TX.

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